Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking Application Framework

Codevo designed and developed mobile banking application framework for Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking Application. Framework consists of iOS and Android client side libraries and backend application. It has a wide collection of components from basic UI controls, including buttons, calendars, sliders, numeric and text input views to complex business components such as credit/debit card selection, account selection, customizable selection for hierarchal data. It handles common tasks such as networking, client/server side validations, second factor authentication, customizable navigation, logging, security, version management, enabling/disabling individual screens or processes from server and more, all ready to work out of box when a data source is pointed. Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking Application is a huge success, with 5 million monthly active users who are %99.9 crash free. Framework is still being used for development as of 2019.

İşCep Components

Codevo developed native iOS and Android UI components for Softtech to be integrated to İşCep, İş Bank’s mobile banking application. With a proven track record in framework development for mobile banking applications, Codevo utilized its experience to build a suit of components that are intuitive, have smooth animations and clean interfaces, coming with full documentation and test cases.

World Mobil

World Mobil is Yapı Kredi Bank’s credit card application, which enables you to search and enroll in campaigns, track your progress, see your rewards, credit card billings, get notified when you are close to a  and much more. Both client applications (iOS and Android) and backend application have been developed by Codevo.


OttoLock is a smart door lock that can be controlled with mobile application. Open your door with your smart phone, grant access to your guests or revoke grants anywhere, anytime. Get notified when someone enters or leaves. All comes with cutting edge security, utilizing elliptic curve signatures for challenge response mechanism, hardware random generator, secure boot and more.

Seal Second Factor Authentication System

Seal is an authentication system designed to work with mobile devices. Once enrolled, any iOS or Android mobile device can make verifiable identity claims when requested. It comes in the form of two SDKs -one for each platform- and two backend applications. It can be embedded into any iOS or Android application using respective SDK’s. Host application can request authentication using server to server api to seal backend, and registered device can respond with digital signature using SDK methods. Browser initiated authentication requests result in push messages being sent, which can be approved by pressing single button on the message. It has built-in root/jail break detection, application temper detection, and configurable device security requirements that host application can use to define which devices are permitted to use Seal.

Seal’s target audience is mobile and internet banking applications who employ second factor authentication with high transaction rates. Built with scaleability in mind as well as security, Seal is currently handling over one million financial transactions per day for its biggest customer.