About Us

Founded in 2015, Codevo is providing wide range of software development services and enterprise solutions with a high-class product and service quality.

Our team has unique experience of working in banking & finance industry and currently developing innovative omni-channel banking software. From mobile to internet, we are producing world class software solutions by continuously following the latest software development technologies and applying best practices. Bringing together top quality engineering and architectural design, Codevo delivers high-tech turnkey products for the customers to advance their digital strategies.

Codevo is one of the growing software company with a passionate and brilliant engineers. Our team works collaboratively with clients to deliver only the best of technology solutions that address their business challenges. Since 2015, Codevo has built software solutions for leader companies including Yapı Kredi, Softtech, vdf, Doğuş Teknoloji and Yoyo.

Available Positions

Mobile Application Developer

Development -Remote

DevOps Engineer

Development – Remote