Welcome to codevo

We are a company with binding standards bent on delivering only the best of technological solutions and consultancy services in order to satisfy our customer specific needs.

Our team is passionate and a game changer in software development and new technologies.

We blend experience and skills in proffering quality software solutions with an understanding of our clients business challenges.

Our specialization

  • Mobile Application Development

    We give the mobile world a new experience by creating high quality applications for startups and enterprise clients.

  • Web Application Development

    We are just a click away to give you secure internet banking, an e-commerce platform or an erp intranet application; we deliver high-class web based solutions which perfectly suit your needs.

  • Service Oriented Architecture

    We implement back-end systems with service oriented architecture to achieve the long term benefits of reuse, agility, flexibility.

    We make SOA part of our development strategy to be able to adapt design changes quickly.

  • Component based Development

    Our goal of component-based software approach is to increase re-usability, productivity, quality in software development.

    We make pluggable modules which are shared among various projects. This method provides us great control mechanism on existing applications.